General Inquiries

FAQ - General Inquiry

Question: Do you have insurance?
Answer: Yes, we are fully licensed professional with liability coverage and workers’ compensation.

Question: What areas do you service?
Answer: We provide servicing to the entire Vancouver
Metropolitan Area for commercial, industrial and residential buildings.

Question: Do you service high-rise buildings?
Answer: Yes, we are fully licensed, insured and trained to work on high-rise buildings.

Question: What is a low rise or high rise building?
Answer: Although this matter is up to debate the
general rule of thumb that is any building over 3 stories is considered a high rise.

Question: Method of Payments?
Answer: We accept cash and cheques

Question: How to pay?
Answer: Payment is upon completion of work, or within 30 days depending on the services required. Unless otherwise stated in a contractual agreement. We request payment to be delivered by person, cheques by courier or by certified/registered mail.

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