Commercial Pressure Washing

Commercial Pressure Washing (Hot or Cold)

    Over time dirt, grime and moss accumulate on different surfaces such as sidewalks, parking lots, driveways, and walls creating a run down look to your building. If left unattended moss roots can grow into the concrete causing it to crack and paint to chip or peel. If dirt and grime are left unchecked removal can be very costly as an acidic compound would be needed. With the help of environmentally safe chemicals and the power of pressure washing, we remove dirt, grime and moss build up leaving surfaces looking like new. We recommend our schedule services to eliminate potential problems before they occur.

High-rise Equipment: Swing stage, Bosun Chair (Rope Access) and Man-lift access and Boom Lifts

Low-rise Equipment: Ladders, Man-lifts and Extension poles
We provide commercial services for:
     • Facades and Storefronts
     • Awnings and Canopies
     • Sidewalks and Stairs
     • Railings
     • Parkade and Underground Parkade
     • Concrete stain removal (Acidic based cleaning)
     • Graffiti removal (Acidic based cleaning)

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