Pressure Washing

FAQ - Pressure Washing

Question: What is Pressure Washing?
Answer: Pressure washing, is the application of high pressure water spray. Produced by specially designed pumps it allows water pressure to be hundreds of times stronger than a regular garden hose.

Uses: Commercial Buildings and Concrete - To remove unsightly mold, grime and other dirt stains.
Wooden decks – To create a new wood look, void of graying and fatigued finishes.
On houses –  To greatly improved the look of siding by removing mold, mildew, and other signs of neglect.

Question: What does hot water pressure washing do? And why is it better?
Answer: Heated water is important because it creates a faster abrasive action, which combined with the cleaning chemicals breaks down the dirt more effectively. Hot water pressure washing can also be used without any chemicals which is a great substitute for soaps and allergies. Hot water pressure washing also runs at a lower PSI meaning less power is needed to clean.

Question: Do you have insurance?
Answer: Yes, we are fully licensed professional with liability coverage and workers’ compensation.

Question: I have oil stains in my car park and garage, can these stains be removed?
Answer: Yes, with a de-grease treatment and pressure washing these stains can be removed.

Question: When is the best time to pressure wash?
Answer: A pro-active approach is highly recommended when property management is concerned. The more frequent the cleaning, the less pressure needed during cleaning and the more cost effective it will be. Preventative cleaning takes less time and is more gentile on surfaces. This will save you money in the long run, and preserve the integrity of the material being cleaned. We recommend visiting our schedule services site to learn more about the different frequencies we provide.

Question: What can I do to prevent moss buildup on my roof?
Answer: Moss and debris should always be removed first. Then a preventative spray can be applied to slow future growth. If the area accumulating moss is always in the shade and is moist or damp, regular visits or a scheduled maintenance program is recommended. This prevents any permanent and harmful damage.

Question: What do I need to do to prepare for pressure washing?
Answer: In order to complete each job as quickly as possible, we ask that you:
•    Leave all water taps turned on.
•    Close and secure all windows and doors ( Please place a towel under the door if that are is to be cleaned to prevent water from leaking in)
•    Unlock gates or any entrances that might prevent access to the property.
•    Report any leaks and concerns at the time of estimation.

Question: Does pressure washing make a lot of noise?
Answer: Yes, it does make quite a bit of noise. However we will meet your needs by avoiding noise sensitive times, such as nap times or business meetings.

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