Project Portfolio
The Pinnacle

Name: The Pinnacle.
939 Homer St.
Building Height: 36 floors.
Property Manager:
Kathleen Cumming

The Pinnacle is considered to be one of the most difficult buildings for window cleaning in Vancouver. As such, the building has a reputation for discouraging contactors from accepting it as a jobsite. By employing modern rope access techniques, 6S Holdings elegantly and efficiently satisfied the client’s window cleaning needs.


Name: Leopold Place
Address: 38 Leopold Place
Building Height: 14 Floors
Property Manager: Brain Winter

The main objective for this jobsite is the high rise window cleaning of all owner inaccessible windows. Further tasks included the pressure washing of the Leopold Place building envelope and owner balconies. Leopold Place was the debut jobsite for 6S Holdings and continues to be our most faithful client.

Leopold Place

Canada Place

Name: Canada Place
Address: 999 Canada Place
Site Supervisor: Don Fournier

The transparent canopies of Canada Place are made of polycarbonate plastic which requires special operating conditions in order to adequately clean without damage. In order to fulfill the client’s request, we at 6S Holdings employed innovation in order to accommodate Canada Place’s unique circumstances. This included modifying a hot pressure washer unit to supply warm water, as opposed to hot water that it normally operates with. Cleaning of the polycarbonate canopies included the interior and exterior areas which required the use of both knuckle boom and scissor man-lifts, in which we have experience operating.

In Collaboration with Ledcor Construction for this project.

Fairmont Hotel

Name: Fairmont Pacific Rim
Address: 900 Canada Place Way
Building Height: 46 Floors
Project Manager: Corey Choate        

The Fairmont maintains and employs the use of the Building Maintenance Unit (BMU), a piece of specialized machinery exclusively used by the building it is attached to for any exterior building maintenance. The BMU requires a trained and certified operator to be put into use and 6S Holdings, who are fully certified for BMU operation, was enlisted to bear the honor of unveiling the letters for the Fairmont grand opening using their BMU.

Park Place

Bentol 5
Name: Park Place
Address: 666 Burrard St
Building Height: 35 Floors
Assistant Location Manager: Corey Choate
Name: Bentall 5
Address: 510 Burrard St
Building Height: 34 Floors
Assistant Location Manager: Jack Veldhuis
A - Team Buildings
6S Holdings was employed to assist in organizing and supervising all rigging operations that were used for the filming of the A-Team movie. Duties included collaborating with filming staff to ensure the best set up for stage positioning and ensuring that all safety precautions were met in order to provide confidence for the stunt people and actors towards a successful filming.

In collaboration with Turn-Key Fall Protection on this project


Shangri La

Name: Shangri-la Fall Protection and Ledcor Construction
Address: 1128 W Georgia St
Site Contact: Corey Choate
Building Height: 62 Floors

6s Holdings was contracted by the Turn-Key fall protection to operate the Shangri-la state of the art BMU to support Ledcor Construction staff in repairing building deficiencies. A key aspect of this job required 6s Holdings to install a specialized rig, the stage redirect system, for the Shangri-la. The stage redirect system required exceptional skill and ability to be installed correctly underneath the Shangri-la’s most exclusive suite, the Jewelry Box, which 6s Holdings executed without flaw.

In collaboration with Turn-Key Fall Protection and Ledcor Construction on this project

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